A New Approach to the Healing Process

Casttoo is an innovative new product I created to supply “Happy Healing” for patients required to wear an orthopedic cast as part of their physical curative process. With different sizes to accommodate all cast types, and an unending array of images, designs, and themes there is truly a Casttoo for everyone.

The Power of Positive Energy is something that is becoming more and more prominent and recognized in the medical field as having a dramatic and incredible affect on the body. It is this principle that has forever been the driving force behind Casttoo’s creation and motto, “Happy Healing.”


Name: Jessica Smith

1st Broken Bone: April 2006 I tried to jump a curb on my bike and missed (oops!)

Fracture Location: I broke my left wrist (boom), my nose and shattered a toe, not to mention all the road rash (yikes!)

Cast Color Choice: Black

Healing Time: 8 Weeks in a cast then 2 weeks in a brace.

Favorite Quote: “There are No Mistakes, Only Happy Accidents.”- Bob Ross

I find this to be true of life as well as art.

Hand-painted by Jessica During her own Healing Process

The Original Casttoo


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